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As Children Grow – a Long Conversation

Raising money-smart kids in today's world can be complicated – often a daunting task given the messages of the modern marketplace. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or friend, you can help a child you know learn to make smart choices today.

image of father and child's feetAnd by your actions you'll help prepare that child for decades of tomorrows.

Begin with simple messages when your child is very young. Each new stage in your child's life will bring a new set of circumstances and pressures. As the child matures and situations concerning money arise, build on those simple messages by layering on more detailed and complex discussions.

Life will naturally give you dozens of opportunities for money conversations. You need to be prepared so you can handle them. Explore the links below. These ideas will get you thinking about things to do and topics of conversation for each age group.