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Helping Others

When you were very young and playing with your friends, you discovered that playtime always went more smoothly when everyone shared the toys. Everyone got a turn. No one was left out.

money gift imageThat’s a life lesson that changes as you get older. As you grow up, you begin to understand that others have less than you do – in America and in the world – and that those of us who “have” things should help those who “have less” than we do. The idea of sharing takes on a new meaning.

At your age, you can “share” with people in need in three ways.

  1. You can give them a part of your money. Many adults do that regularly.
  2. You can help people by giving your time and your energy.
  3. You can share items you no longer use, such as clothing and toys, by passing them on to others who cannot afford to buy them.

Read the pages in this section to learn how you can help others. You’ll find out that helping and sharing feels pretty good!